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Is Your Local Business Mobile Optimized

Just about everywhere you go these days you would be hard pressed to find someone without a mobile device in their hand, sending a text, browsing the internet, using an app, doing a geo targeted search, or reading the latest post on Twitter or Facebook.

We talk on these things(still), take pictures, shoot videos, watch movies… I could go on. The mobile smartphone has now become the 21st century accessory of necessity, so much so that the average person has their mobile device with them 93% of the time. This presents a huge opportunity for local business owners looking at new ways to connect with potential customers, to get their marketing message in front of said potential customer in the most intimate medium ever.

Consumers are now researching before making a purchase, and they do it right from their mobile phone or tablet. They’re doing targeted searches in Google and other relevant search engines, and they’re doing it right from their mobile phone. They’re pulling up your company website right from their mobile device.

That means as a local business owner, if your business is not mobile optimized you’re already losing money. Almost 60% of local searches are now done from a mobile phone or tablet, if your website is not mobile optimized you will not turn up in those relevant search engines, and your potential new customer is off to your competition.

If your site isn’t mobile optimized, consumers viewing your company website on a mobile browser are usually gone within seconds, and you lose a potential customer. The first and foremost task you should take care of when mobile optimizing your business, is to start with your website.

Now this might sound like a difficult task, but can be a very simple fix if you do it the right way. You have two options, you mobile optimize your current website so that it is viewable on any mobile device, or you can build a stand alone mobile website that looks a little different than your desktop site, that people will automatically be redirected to when pulling up your company website on a mobile phone or tablet.

Again, this is a simple fix, and one that will save and make you money immediately and over the long term, as the mobile smartphone and mobile devices market continues to grow. This year, in 2014, there will be more people accessing the internet on a mobile device than on a traditional desktop computer, as a business owner you need to adjust accordingly.

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