Guiding Young Internet Users

Living in the era of the Internet gives contemporary parents more alternatives in regard to the sources of information they can obtain for teaching their children. More alternatives of teaching methods which are more attractive and interactive in their presentation are available to present-day parents and teachers. Accompanying that facility is more potential and more easily accessible dangers such as pornography, gambling, and internet scams which are only one or two clicks away from our children. The aforementioned potential dangers must be smartly and creatively avoided by duly introduce our young children to the positive and creative uses of the Internet.

One of the most widely conducted internet-based activities by many young internet users of the day is building web-based networking for the purpose of either establishing friendship or dating. This kind of activity is greatly enhanced by the presence of interesting program such friendster, myspace, mIRC, yahoo messenger, and various other networking and chatting facilities offered by the Internet. This activity has both positive and negative aspects. One of the positive aspects is teaching young internet users to make friends and form a global network of friendship which is hard for them to do without internet facility. So, what is dangerous about it? Of course, making friends itself is positive and valuable and there is no danger about it. What is dangerous is not the activity but with whom the activity is established. Most working parents are unaware of this potential danger because they are busy working while their children are surfing the Internet without their supervision and guidance.

Since using the Internet is almost impossible to avoid and internet literacy is a must to young people today, there is no other alternative for today’s parents and teachers but to guide their children and students in using the Internet by promptly introduce them to the positive aspects of the Internet as soon as they start using it. For example, we can tell them that the network of friendship established by using the Internet has economic value and can bring about income for them if they know how to use it. The larger the network grows the higher the economic value of the network. Teach them how to direct their internet based friendship and network of friendship towards positive activities by making it a tool for sharing their work of writing, results of simple research conducted at school, and ways of starting an affordable home-based business. They will love the activities and be addicted to using the net in a positive way.

Warning Young Internet Users of Possible Dangers

Before they are accidentally exposed to them, parents and teachers need to warn their children and students about the possible dangers that internet users may face and be victimized by if they do not know of their existence. Among the dangers threatening young internet users are pornography, gambling, and internet scamming. Our children and students need to know these in order to be able to avoid them. Because the modus operandi of internet crimes are plenty, our children need to be reminded to be constantly aware of the new methods which maybe used by internet criminals to prey upon them. One easy way to get them constantly keep abreast with the latest development of internet crimes is to have them subscribe to some websites which specialize on publishing newsletters on the subject of internet crimes.

It is a good idea to provide our children or students with examples of the victims of internet crimes in the forms of stories and pictures which can be found on the Net. Teach them to research any internet-based business which they are interested in joining so that they will be saved from being victimized by abundant internet scams in the forms of hundreds of HYIPs floating on the Net. Tell them that nobody gets rich by joining such programs. Most of the HYIPs do not pay back their investors. Although they may pay at the beginning, it is merely intended to seduce them to invest more. Tell them that in the last 2 years the author of this article has tried five of those HYIPs and none of them paid, not even one single cent was returned as ROI. All those HYIPs pretend as if they have a money machine which can double or triple your money overnight. It is all bullshit. The owners of the HYIPs are mostly just scoundrels who have a trap in the form of attractively and convincingly looking website ready to trap their victims. Do not be stupid by experimenting to invest so that you can feel the taste of being cheated. It is certainly not nice to be cheated, just learn from the experiences of others without making yourself a victim.

Internet Marketing – Online Internet Marketing Service Strategy

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is by far the best growing marketing technique for all corporations in this day and age. The online Internet marketing company dealing with internet marketing solutions have to keep themselves updated daily to keep up with the rivalry and the rapidity set by new goods being commence. With your company being concerned in online internet marketing promotions you will have seen the plunder of successful internet marketing seo strategy and the income gained by little work once the promotion has been finalized and commenced.

Internet search engine marketing can be difficult due to the lot of alternatives accessible when dealing with online internet marketing media solutions. Through my knowledge in dealing with Internet marketing I have draw round below a little tips for the inexpert of advertising your business online. I have reserved the layout as easy as likely so new businesses advertising their business online can clutch the eventual Internet marketing solution.

Internet Marketing selections

There are so many online internet marketing service provider companies advertising on the internet, moving out online marketing solutions that it is tricky to choose which internet marketing company to faith to do your search engine marketing. Your promotion budget needs to last all through the year so you want an Internet marketing company that presents small early investment for your online internet marketing promotion so you can use the incentive of the internet marketing promotion to pay for more internet marketing. If the online Internet marketing company supposes that their internet marketing strategy is a good one this should not be a problem for you to assemble. All Internet marketing agencies that want you to put large sums of cash upfront earlier than they start to promote your business online I would advocate you stay away from them.

If they want a little deposit upfront and still offer no work for your company website in return, still be fatigued. Should the internet marketing company want a small deposit before you launch your internet marketing campaign but are willing to do more work for your company website that makes the little deposit a commendable asset then you are on the correct way.

The State of Kids Internet Safety

The internet has everything! But does your child need to see it. Online parental control is becoming more important as our kids become more tech savvy. In most cases, children are more computer literate than their parents. This makes monitoring their surfing activity extremely difficult. Kids internet security is becoming one the most important tech topics in the industry. This is direct response to the increase in child exploitation on the internet. According to recent studies, 76% child exploitation victims met their offenders via social networking primarily chat rooms. In addition, cases of online bullying by classmates have risen exponentially over the years.

There are around 77 million kids using the internet. However, most parents are not taking the steps to teach effective online safety for kids. Both the FBI and FEMA have provided parents with an online set of online safety rules to educate their children. However, most kids and adults ignored these safety rules. Schools have also begun teaching online safety for kids. Is this really enough to protect your children? Like all parental decision the answer can’t be a simple yes or no.

The illicit and illegal has always attracted our children. The internet gives that perfect medium to act out that desire. No matter how much education provided, the temptation remains for kids to break online safety rules. Having the uninhibited access to the World Wide Web at their finger tips is a desire that most kids can’t bear. However, parents do have internet security weapons to increase their kids online safety. This weapon is known as a internet web filter for kids.

Internet filter technology was developed and flourished in work place. Only recently has it eliminated the high learning curve to let parents setup a system that monitors and restricts the child surf history. With the right set of features you can create very high level of kids internet safety and security. Windows Vista has a new internet filter that allows parental control but it doesn’t offer some of the more advanced features that internet kids safety software like Child Safe and Net Nanny offer.

If you are serious about your kids internet safety and security these product can provide you with a wealth of tools to monitor internet activity. When choose web filter software, it should provide you with the ability to add specific restrictions to individual users. This will allow you to enjoy the internet without being boxed in by restrictions place on your children’s account. The software should also give you the ability to filter multiple categories. The top software allow you to set over 71 category restrictions with the addition of banning sites with adult content, pictures and keywords.

You can not always be home to supervising your child web activity. Using software can also allow you to set time usage restrictions and schedule that prohibit use at certain times of the day. However if you allow the internet to be used while you are not home, you can set up a remote management system. This allows you to monitor your child online activity from your office PC or anywhere in the world. You can also terminate and lock down your PC remotely if you feel your children breaking the online safety and security restrictions while you are away.

Of course your teenagers or savvy kids can try to find ways around the online safety and security restrictions in order to access banned sites. So, you should think hard how much kids internet security you need. Also allowing your child a certain level of privacy is also a consideration that must be mulled over deeply before using this kids internet security software.

Ultimately, you are responsible for parental control online and off. However, some form of kids internet security and safety is needed. Hopefully you will not need this internet safety software. The online safety tips and education you have provided your children will allow them to use the best internet security and online safety tips and tricks to avoid the many dangers on the internet.

The Based Business Home Internet Successful

A Based Business Home Internet Successful has to have 5 key elements in it that will determine if it’s a successful internet home business. The 5 key elements to having a successful internet home business are having a home base business, having a internet home base business, having a understanding of internet marketing, having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet, and having good products and services of value to sale to your clients online. There are a lot of people in the world right now that are looking for a successful internet business to start while working at home full or part time today. The 5 key elements that they are going to need in order for them to have a successful internet home based business on the internet today.

The first key element is having a home base business. Yes, that’s right you must have a home base business in order to successfully grow your business in today’s world. I have seen people just create any business and assume it is a home based business when instead what they end up having is a job that calls their attention to everything outside of their home.

The second key element is having an internet home base business. Why is it important to have an internet home base business in the market place today? Well you can reach a lot more people on the internet than you can just in a specific area or location in a city.

The third key element is having an understanding of internet marketing. Some people have a business on the internet, but refuse to become internet savvy in the market place today. In order for an individual to have the results they want to have on the internet that person must become savvy in internet marketing.

The fourth key element is having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet today. Rather you are selling E-books made easy products, liquid vitamins, nutrition supplements, or secret tactics to do whatever in the world. You need to get educated on having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet today in order to be a success on the internet.

The fifth key element is having good products and services of value to sale to your clients online. If you are in the business of selling the latest home based business ideas today, or how to run a successful home improvement business you should make sure that you provide good products and services of value to your clients online. Also, that goes for any businesses that are running online in the market place today.

Internet Phone Service 101

In this article I’m going to explain Internet phone service in simple terms. Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not Internet phone service might be for you.

Let’s start with some definitions

Very often you’ll see Internet phone service referred to by an acronym: VoIP. What this stands for is “voice over Internet protocol.”

“Protocol” is another word for “rules.” So Internet protocols are the rules and technologies that make the Internet possible. It’s a collection of all the rules that everyone follows so that equipment from one vendor is able to communicate just fine with equipment from another vendor.

In brief, Internet protocol says that you take multiple data transmissions (like emails), break them into pieces (or “packets”) and send them along multiple different lines simultaneously. The information is then reassembled at the end and brought to the receiver in the proper way so that it can be easily understood. This means more speed, efficiency, lower costs — and a tremendous amount of upside expansion capability.

Here’s how Internet protocol makes Internet phone service possible

In the old days, you were connected to the person you’re talking to buy a copper wire. Your conversation with this other person took up the entire wire — nobody else could use it. This is not very efficient. And as demand for phone service went up, capacity could not keep up with the demand. The phone companies literally could not string enough copper wire fast enough.

The solution? Send the voice messaging using Internet protocols — VoIP.

The owners of these networks realized that they could attract new customers for their networks by offering Internet telephone service that saved money on local and long-distance calling. And of course the telephone companies themselves branched out with this service as well.

So that’s how it works.

Now let’s see if we can answer some questions that will help you make an informed decision about whether Internet phone services are for you.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Internet phone service

There are couple of ways you can go. One way is to bundle your Internet phone along with your Internet service and your cable TV. If you live in an area where this is available that could be a cost-saving solution for you depending on how much you are spending now.

You can also contact your existing phone company to see if they offer Internet phone services.

A third option is to go with an independent Internet phone service company. There are many vendors out there, e.g., Skype, Packet8, and And these are just a few of the popular Internet phone services out there. Be careful, however, because there’s been a shakeout in the market. Vonage and SunRocket are two companies that recently suffered setbacks and there may be more before the shakeout ends and consolidation takes over.

Will you need a special phone line?

No, but you will need to have your own high-speed Internet connection. And unless you opt to go with a PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone plan, you will need to have an adapter to sit between your phone and the Internet connection. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go as far as hardware is concerned.