Automatic Security Gates

Security gates are the easy way to guarantee the security of your home or business. Though ideal for large areas, security fencing and electric security gates are also useful for medium and small sized properties. The use of security gates, has found its niche in the market today. For those who find the security of their premises to be important (be it residential or commercial), electric security gates are the way to go.

Automatic / electric security gates make security easier and more convenient. These mechanisms allow you to open and close your security gate without even having to leave the comfort of you car. At the press of a button, your security gate will open or close behind you

No matter what type of security gate you install, there is an automatic security gate for you. Gates may either be swing gates or slide gates. Swing gates open outward or inward – swinging. They can be one-sided or double-sided. One-sided swing security gates are made out of a single section. A double gate has two sections that swing in or out. Slide gates, do not swing but slide to one side in order to clear or block an entrance.

Some automatic electric security gates have additional security features such as locks, deadbolt locks. You can open or close these locks manually as well as automatically. This is to avoid loosening at the end of the security gate so as not to allow small animals or pets to enter or leave the premises easily.

To install a security gate yourself, all you need is to purchase a kit that can to be installed on an already existing gate. If you have no gate installed, then you will have more options as to what kind of security gate you wish to install. There are numerous security gates available on the market. What you choose would depend on the specifications of your already existing gate or future functionality of the security gate. The size, length, weight, and material may have a bearing on what type of automatic electric gate kit you may use.

How do they work?

Automatic electric gate kits normally contain mechanical parts to attach on to your existing gate. These are controlled by electronic circuits than can be powered by a n umber of different methods. Some security gates are powered by batteries while others can be solar powered. For automatic electric gates, a transmitter and receiver are included in the package. These are the gadgets that allow you to control the electric security gate from afar.

Security gates have different ranges of operation via remote controls. Wireless control may work from anywhere about 50 feet to 100 feet. Sometimes, weather conditions can an effect the function of the remote control of the security gate. If you are concerned with such issues and your house is at a distance from your security gate, you may opt to hard wire the controls to the house so as to have additional security and control over the security gate. This way, you can insure you have access to the security gate from within your house as well as from your car.

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