How Your Tablet PC Can Be Used As an Entertainment Device

A lot has been discussed about how tablets are meant specifically for corporate professionals who want to stay connected to their professional world even while on the go. This perception has created a wrong notion that these devices are not suited for today’s youth. On the contrary, tablet PCs provide many features that can make it your primary entertainment device.

The first thing that strikes about a tablet PC is its large screen. Most tablets that are launched today have a screen size in the range between 7 and 10 inch. However, it has been observed that an 8 inch tablet is the most preferred tablet size among most users. The large screen offers you a great opportunity to play games on your mobile device.

There are several high-resolution games available on the Android Play store. In fact, several popular games that were offered only on video gaming consoles are now being offered on smartphones and tablets as well. Games like EA Sports FIFA 2014, Grand City Auto theft are extremely popular in the gaming world, and are currently available as Android apps as well. Most tablets have a high processing speed, which is why these games can be played on your mobile device without any lags or issues. Moreover, these devices let you play anywhere and anytime, thereby getting bored on a long trip is now a thing of the past.

Apart from games, tablets can be used to watch movies and other videos. Here again, the large screen size and the HD screen quality are important factors that enhance your movie experience. Most devices come with a considerably large storage capability, which lets you store several movies on your tablets. Additionally, the Android app store has several video players such as the MX player and VLC Media Player which transforms these video files for an optimized display on your Android gadgets.

Android tablets are equally useful as your primary music player, as it allows you to listen to music and do something else on the device at the same time. It eliminates the need to carry a separate portable media player, and can store thousands of songs of your choice. Moreover, if you have Internet connectivity on your tablet, it is possible to stream music and radio channels online to enjoy songs that you do not have in your collection.

There has been a gradual shift in the usage pattern of tablets as these features are starting to attract today’s youth towards this extremely useful device.

How to Identify a Faulty Power Jack on a Laptop

The power jack socket is located inside the laptop and conducts power from it to the electronics of the laptop to charge the battery and power the laptop. When a fault develops it is often difficult to be sure of the cause, this article will indicate some of the things to check to arrive at a conclusion.

You may notice any of the following that may be caused by a faulty power jack located inside the laptop:-

1. Laptop completely dead no power lights etc. This can be caused by no power getting to the laptop or almost any other fault affecting the power up sequence of the laptop. If you have another laptop of the same model and make you could try swapping the battery with a fully charged battery. If the laptop then powers up then the fault is probably with the power jack or charger. Alternatively, sometimes gently wiggling it will cause the charge lights etc of the laptop to briefly illuminate. This would again indicate a failed power jack.

2. Laptop comes on then cuts out after a short period. Again several faults could cause the laptop to quickly cut out; however, a faulty power jack would commonly cause this. When the power jack contact make a poor electrical connection, heat is often generated causing the connection to terminate.

3. Laptop comes on but battery will not charge. Often when the power jack fails this is caused by one or more solder pads cracking; this can result in a high resistance electrical path. This will in effect limit the maximum current that can be delivered to the laptop, so the laptop may come on but there is not enough power left to charge the battery.

4. Laptop works until or unless the power connector is wiggled. Very much like the last fault except the solder pads make and break connection when it is wriggled.

5. Battery charges when laptop is turned off, but not when it is turned on. This is very much like fault 3 as not enough electrical power can be delivered to both the laptop and battery.

6. Smell of burning or hot power connector when plug removed from the laptop. When one or more solder pads connected between the power jack motherboard fracture a high resistance electrical contact may be produced. When current flows heat will be generated possibly resulting in component or motherboard burning. This is perhaps the most destructive failure as it often completely destroys the motherboard due to the considerable heat generated. The repair will either be impossible or corrected by using a nutted power connector that uses flying leads to bypass the burnt motherboard.

7. Light on laptop power supply dim or flashing when connected to laptop and normal when not connected. Most laptop power supplies have a safety feature where they will dim or flash the power light to indicate that there is an overload condition inside the laptop. This will often occur when the laptop motherboard is starting to smolder as the motherboard, which should be an insulator, turns into a conductor due to carbon production.

Is Your Local Business Mobile Optimized

Just about everywhere you go these days you would be hard pressed to find someone without a mobile device in their hand, sending a text, browsing the internet, using an app, doing a geo targeted search, or reading the latest post on Twitter or Facebook.

We talk on these things(still), take pictures, shoot videos, watch movies… I could go on. The mobile smartphone has now become the 21st century accessory of necessity, so much so that the average person has their mobile device with them 93% of the time. This presents a huge opportunity for local business owners looking at new ways to connect with potential customers, to get their marketing message in front of said potential customer in the most intimate medium ever.

Consumers are now researching before making a purchase, and they do it right from their mobile phone or tablet. They’re doing targeted searches in Google and other relevant search engines, and they’re doing it right from their mobile phone. They’re pulling up your company website right from their mobile device.

That means as a local business owner, if your business is not mobile optimized you’re already losing money. Almost 60% of local searches are now done from a mobile phone or tablet, if your website is not mobile optimized you will not turn up in those relevant search engines, and your potential new customer is off to your competition.

If your site isn’t mobile optimized, consumers viewing your company website on a mobile browser are usually gone within seconds, and you lose a potential customer. The first and foremost task you should take care of when mobile optimizing your business, is to start with your website.

Now this might sound like a difficult task, but can be a very simple fix if you do it the right way. You have two options, you mobile optimize your current website so that it is viewable on any mobile device, or you can build a stand alone mobile website that looks a little different than your desktop site, that people will automatically be redirected to when pulling up your company website on a mobile phone or tablet.

Again, this is a simple fix, and one that will save and make you money immediately and over the long term, as the mobile smartphone and mobile devices market continues to grow. This year, in 2014, there will be more people accessing the internet on a mobile device than on a traditional desktop computer, as a business owner you need to adjust accordingly.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

When looking at designing a website, or redesigning an existing one, you have to consider mobile and tablet users, with mobile users making up to 30% of Internet searches. Remember that a mobile user has a small screen, and does not usually have all the tools for navigating that a desktop user has.

If you have an existing website, then if you are not to lose out on those mobile searches, you must ensure that the mobile user has a good experience otherwise your website will be dropped like a hot potato. There is now another reason for having a mobile friendly website, and that is that from 21st April 2015 Google are giving preference in the search results to sites that are mobile friendly.

There are a number of ways that you can redesign a website to be mobile friendly, but remember that you want to give a good experience to all device users including desktop and tablet users too.

1. Mobile users do not have a mouse like desktop and laptop users, instead they will normally use their touchscreen, or in some cases the keypad. On that small display there will not be space to show all of the elements of a complicated navigation scheme, so have a simple navigation system to make is easy with as few touches as possible.

2. A lot of mobile users and indeed tablet users have to ability to view the display in both a horizontal and vertical orientation. Fixing the width of your webpages can result in mobile users receiving a less than satisfactory display. The way to approach web page design is by not specifying the width of the site, so when browsing from any device the space will be filled up in a more natural way. This ensures that whatever the device you should get a reasonable display. The use of CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) will also enhance the user experience.

3. Remember that mobile users are downloading content via their mobile provider and may have a limit on the number of Megabytes or Gigabytes they can download, according to their contract. Make web pages as small in terms of bytes as you can by reducing file sizes, image sizes and the size of any other components of the web page. Apart from anything else this will ensure a quicker download for users attached to the cellphone networks and potentially cost them less into the bargain.

4. Smartphones vary in size, with later phones generally having a larger screen size, but most can still only view a single column format. Many websites have 2 or more columns which make it difficult for the mobile viewer to achieve a good viewing experience. If you have a website with a single column design, it means that when viewing from a smartphone, the user has less work to do zooming and panning to get to the information they are after. If the content is in a vertical layout then the user merely has to scroll down the page.

5. A lot of websites now have a mobile version of the site to which mobile users are directed to ensure the best viewing experience. With a small amount of technical knowhow, web developers can add some code to the website to detect a mobile device and redirect that device to the mobile version of the website. Device profiles can be created based on the screen size of the viewing device.

The Based Business Home Internet Successful

A Based Business Home Internet Successful has to have 5 key elements in it that will determine if it’s a successful internet home business. The 5 key elements to having a successful internet home business are having a home base business, having a internet home base business, having a understanding of internet marketing, having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet, and having good products and services of value to sale to your clients online. There are a lot of people in the world right now that are looking for a successful internet business to start while working at home full or part time today. The 5 key elements that they are going to need in order for them to have a successful internet home based business on the internet today.

The first key element is having a home base business. Yes, that’s right you must have a home base business in order to successfully grow your business in today’s world. I have seen people just create any business and assume it is a home based business when instead what they end up having is a job that calls their attention to everything outside of their home.

The second key element is having an internet home base business. Why is it important to have an internet home base business in the market place today? Well you can reach a lot more people on the internet than you can just in a specific area or location in a city.

The third key element is having an understanding of internet marketing. Some people have a business on the internet, but refuse to become internet savvy in the market place today. In order for an individual to have the results they want to have on the internet that person must become savvy in internet marketing.

The fourth key element is having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet today. Rather you are selling E-books made easy products, liquid vitamins, nutrition supplements, or secret tactics to do whatever in the world. You need to get educated on having the skills like other internet marketers on the internet today in order to be a success on the internet.

The fifth key element is having good products and services of value to sale to your clients online. If you are in the business of selling the latest home based business ideas today, or how to run a successful home improvement business you should make sure that you provide good products and services of value to your clients online. Also, that goes for any businesses that are running online in the market place today.

Buying a Laptop? Here’s What You Should Know

In today’s fast paced world it is important that you stay connected with your office and family whenever the need arises. A laptop is one solution that allows you to do this while you are on the move. A laptop can store a large amount of data, and being a battery-operated portable device, it can be recharged any time. But laptops are quite expensive purchases. A laptop rental service is an option you can look into if you cannot afford to buy a laptop. Many models and makes of laptops are available in the market. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind when you decide to buy or rent a laptop.

Surveying for the right laptop

Processor: Depending on you requirements, you can choose a suitable laptop processor; the good news is that there are a number of processors to select from. For instance, if you need a laptop for multi-tasking you could go for an Intel core 2 quad. Core i7 is the latest offering from this processor giant. This processor is used by business professionals, people who play a lot of computer games on their laptop and professional photographers. Other processors from Intel are i2, Core 2 solo, Atom etc. Core i7 based laptops are not affordable but you can always source it from a laptop rental company.

You can also go for AMD processors, which include Athlon X2 dual core, Athlon Neo and Turion X2. The laptops with AMD processors are cheaper than their Intel counterparts and are used in budget model laptops. A third variant is the VIA nano processor, which is used in netbooks.

Other considerations: Laptops can be categorized based on the screen size, weight and ease of portability. The laptop display sizes vary from 5 inches to 17 inches. The desktop replacement computers are the fastest in the laptop segment, but battery backup is a major issue that needs to be resolved.

Other aspects to consider are disk drives and connectivity. The secondary storage devices also play a key role while deciding the kind of notebook to buy. There are two types of disk drives – hard and solid disk drives. Laptops with more than 500 GB hard disk are also available. Internet connectivity is another aspect that you need to consider. Opt for laptops that have inbuilt modems and Bluetooth for file transfers.

Renting a laptop

It is best to try out the different laptop brands before settling on one that best meets your needs. You can also try out a few laptop models by renting them from a laptop rental provider at reasonable rates. These “for hire” laptops can also be used by businesses for events, trade shows, conferences, gaming contests etc.

Internet Phone Service 101

In this article I’m going to explain Internet phone service in simple terms. Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision about whether or not Internet phone service might be for you.

Let’s start with some definitions

Very often you’ll see Internet phone service referred to by an acronym: VoIP. What this stands for is “voice over Internet protocol.”

“Protocol” is another word for “rules.” So Internet protocols are the rules and technologies that make the Internet possible. It’s a collection of all the rules that everyone follows so that equipment from one vendor is able to communicate just fine with equipment from another vendor.

In brief, Internet protocol says that you take multiple data transmissions (like emails), break them into pieces (or “packets”) and send them along multiple different lines simultaneously. The information is then reassembled at the end and brought to the receiver in the proper way so that it can be easily understood. This means more speed, efficiency, lower costs — and a tremendous amount of upside expansion capability.

Here’s how Internet protocol makes Internet phone service possible

In the old days, you were connected to the person you’re talking to buy a copper wire. Your conversation with this other person took up the entire wire — nobody else could use it. This is not very efficient. And as demand for phone service went up, capacity could not keep up with the demand. The phone companies literally could not string enough copper wire fast enough.

The solution? Send the voice messaging using Internet protocols — VoIP.

The owners of these networks realized that they could attract new customers for their networks by offering Internet telephone service that saved money on local and long-distance calling. And of course the telephone companies themselves branched out with this service as well.

So that’s how it works.

Now let’s see if we can answer some questions that will help you make an informed decision about whether Internet phone services are for you.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Internet phone service

There are couple of ways you can go. One way is to bundle your Internet phone along with your Internet service and your cable TV. If you live in an area where this is available that could be a cost-saving solution for you depending on how much you are spending now.

You can also contact your existing phone company to see if they offer Internet phone services.

A third option is to go with an independent Internet phone service company. There are many vendors out there, e.g., Skype, Packet8, and And these are just a few of the popular Internet phone services out there. Be careful, however, because there’s been a shakeout in the market. Vonage and SunRocket are two companies that recently suffered setbacks and there may be more before the shakeout ends and consolidation takes over.

Will you need a special phone line?

No, but you will need to have your own high-speed Internet connection. And unless you opt to go with a PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone plan, you will need to have an adapter to sit between your phone and the Internet connection. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go as far as hardware is concerned.

Laptop or Personal Computer?

What is a laptop and a personal computer? A laptop is also known as the notebook, because a person can bring this device anywhere and they can use it as long as they want. While the personal computer is a device that needs a Central processing unit which is the heart and the brain of the whole set, a monitor where the user can view the commands that they want. These are two devices that has the same capability but got different features at the same time. You can try to figure out which is better between this two devices after our comparison listed below, you will observe the strengths and weakness of each device.
Are you choosing whether to buy a new set of computer the desktop one and a laptop? You must first consider your budget, your convenience, and a lot more. Computer desktop set is usually used in some institutions and offices, while laptop is more on likely to be a personal device.

Below are the stuffs that you must consider whether to buy a desktop set or a laptop:

Comfort of using
When being comfortable laptop will be the answer to this matter. It is because you can bring your laptop anywhere. A laptop is usually used by students because it is very handy and they can use it inside their campus especially if their school is wi-fi ready area.

Laptops are cheaper compared to personal computers. It is because in every part of your personal computer has its own costs while in laptop all the devices are enclosed to a small device which makes the laptop more comfortable to use. Take note consider your budget before availing one of this two great machines.

Net connection
Internet connection for laptops is very easy to access it is because there are lost o area that are already wi-fi zones which can give your laptops an internet connection. While in personal computers you need to look for a provider of he internet connection you want to have, and you will pay for the monthly bill. Plus if you have a desktop set it will surely require you to avail or buy more line connections so that you can have a better internet service.

When it comes to power electricity personal computers are the best, it is because all you need to do is to plug the outlet of your personal computer to the socket where electricity flows and have a great time surfing the net, while in laptops it is rechargeable you need to charge it in order for you to use it out door. BUT laptop are still a better choice because laptop got a battery so if you are working you can still have enough time to save your work.

When it comes to devices or gadgets that you need a laptop have it all. It is because you do not need to buy or avail a speaker, microphone, webcam and a mouse when you have a laptop. A laptop got its built in microphone, webcam, speaker and a touchpad that serves as its mouse. Just make sure that you’ve got a fan under your laptop to avoid heating of your whole system that might burn the sensitive circuits inside your laptop.

When it comes to the matter of durability a computer set will be the best choice, since it is placed on a table or desk which is very safe from falling, while in laptop there are accidents that happens like you drop your laptop from your lap that can cause a huge damage or malfunction.

When it comes to memory capacity no doubt a computer desktop set will surely win. It is because the latest central processing unit are mostly dual core that are very suitable for gaming stations and it contains a higher memory capacity compared to laptops.

So these are the matters that you must consider before buying a laptop or a computer set. You can also have canvass in some computer selling shop for latest models. You can also have some research, facts and proofs of which of the two is better. Try to ask some computer owners and laptops on what are their usual or common difficulties or the problems they are facing in regard of these two devices.

Get Your Laptop AC Adapter Online!

Are you searching for a replacement Laptop AC adapter? Many homes and businesses in the US employ the use of AC (Alternating Current) – this simply means that PCs, laptops and note books need a special type of adapter that will store a charge (temporarily) from the AC current in order to provide a steady flow of energy to your laptop’s DC input jack. You can easily get Laptop adapters online. You can also get a notebook AC adapter, notebook power adapters and even buy laptop accessories online.

If you discovered that your laptop has some kind of trouble charging or if you noticed that the light on your AC adapter is not coming on, do not be alarmed because it can be easily replaced. A laptop AC adapter can be bought online all you need to do is to have the information that will make your search a lot easier.

Here are some steps to follow if you want to purchase a laptop AC adapter:

* The internet is one of the best places to shop for any type of power supply for your laptop, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office. What you need to do is first enter the model number of your laptop, for instance “HP VIO A607” and the inscription “Power Supply” in the search engine’s search box and in just a couple of seconds you will get a list of products to use in order to replace the faulty one you have. Many online stores sell every brand of notebook power adapters. With a reputable online store, you are sure of getting a genuine Notebook AC adapter. There are many stores that sell fake or substandard laptop accessories and try to pass them off as the real McCoy.

* Another good reason why you should buy your laptop accessories online is that you are sure of getting really good deals, it is really not a bad idea to buy an original laptop AC adapter and still save some money while you are at it. You can get products at discounted rates if you take advantage of the many offers made by online suppliers.

* Ensure that you totally disconnect your old power supply from your laptop – this also includes power cable and AC adapter, the old unit cord can be reused if you’d like. The AC cord connects to the laptop DC adapter, which also connects to the Direct Current cord, which ultimately connects to your laptop.

Ensure that you check whether the light on the laptop DC adapter has come on – because this will surely indicate whether the power supply is receiving power. You can also check your desktop’s lower right hand toolbar in order to see the power charging icon – the icon will indicate its charging status by showing what looks pretty much like a battery with a lightning bolt flashing right on it.

It makes good sense to ensure that you buy laptop accessories from a reputable online supplier.